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Real Wrap Co. - We've all been eating Pringles wrong...
We've all been eating Pringles wrong...
by Real Wrap Wednesday, 19th of April, 2017

We love to combine sandwiches with crisps, and one of our favourite savoury snacks are Pringles. But according to Pringles themselves, we have all been eating them upside down this whole time.

You no doubt have your own Pringle eating technique, whether it’s creating duck lips or cramming a pile into your mouth. But according to Kellogg’s, the crisp manufacturers, you should flip the crisp over to optimise the flavour out of your favourite Pringle. Only one the sides is covered in their delicious seasoning, while the other is left bare. So to maximise the flavour hit, you should eat a Pringle with the curved side facing up to fit nicely in line with the roof of your mouth.

 So there you have it, now you just have to go find your nearest Pringle stockists so you can try this out!