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Our Story

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Real Wrap Co. - Jason and Phillippe have known each other since they were born. Jason and Phillippe have known each other since they were born.

Age 7

Half terms spent eating sweet peas and chives in the family’s vegetable garden.

Real Wrap Co. - They made bacon sandwiches in the summer holidays and sold them to the local workforce.

Age 8

They made bacon sandwiches in the summer holidays and sold them to the local workforce.


Oddjobs was born.


The boys begin selling peoples' unwanted goods at car boot sales.


Phil finishes school and goes to learn trades.


Jason moves to University in Bristol to study Business. Phil moves to Preston and starts his own plumbing company.


Jason writes a business plan for a healthy fast food trailer.

the shop opened in october


After many phone conversations, Phil moves to Bristol and work on project Real Wrap begins.

Real Wrap Co. - Real Wrap starts supplying cafes on all University of West of England sites.
Real Wrap Co. - Real Wrap starts supplying cafes on all University of West of England sites.


Real Wrap starts supplying cafes on all University of West of England sites.


They sell the shop and start a small production kitchen. Raynor Foods invests money for a percentage stake in Real Wrap.


STS and SALSA accreditation achieved

They were successful in getting onto the NHS and TUCO framework agreements.
They supplied sandwiches and salads to 68 world leaders plus all the media at the G8 summit. They didn’t sleep for 3 days!


Business grew rapidly and the factory was operating at around 130% of what they thought the capacity was.

They win their first airline contract!


They moved the whole factory to the new site in Avonmouth

Real Wrap Co. - They moved the whole factory to the new site in Avonmouth


The boys buy the shares back from Raynor Foods. Phase 2 of the factory works completed.

They were featured on Channel 4 ‘Food Unwrapped’ having been one of the first sandwich companies in the UK to supply waste bread for the brewing of beer.


Were successful in the All Wales Hospital tender

The story continues...

We are constantly improving and extending our range with innovative new ingredients and combination ideas in the quest for ultimate food perfection.

Real Wrap Co. - Jason & Phillippe Jason & Phillippe

Meet The Team

Their mums were best friends, and even lived together for a short spell…inevitably the boys became best friends themselves!

When they weren’t creating havoc at the Grandparent’s or building their own football goals from old pipes!

Jason’s Grandad produced his own Bacon and his Gran baked her own Bread. After lot’s of thought they realised this was the perfect first business venture, clearing £20 a day and going back to school minted!

Oddjobs started out as cleaning cars in the local village. They worked out that if they worked quickly they could clean 4 cars an hour, £5 a car is £20 an hour. Business took off and before long they were house sitting, painting houses, walking dogs and cutting grass. Obviously, they had all the health and safety training first…

Jason gets a driving license and the boys begin selling peoples unwanted goods at car boot sales, a first version of Ebay if you will. The 4am Sunday morning wake ups were made easier by blaring out Run DMC all the way there, they learnt all the words to ‘Tricky’.

Brick laying/ Plumbing/ Carpentry – which turns out very useful when building sandwich factories.

The boys went their separate ways for the first time….but not for long!

After experiencing the poor diet of a student but realises it’s too much money so scales his ambitions down. He gets granted a pitch in the centre of Bristol for a small coffee trailer. Meanwhile Phil is renovating and living in his first house.

They begin work serving the discerning people of Bristol healthy fast food wraps, made fresh to order.

The boys get a call from University West of England saying they’ve been hearing the students talk about Real Wrap and ask for a pre-packed version. They come up with a café concept and launch which a bang. Within 2 weeks it was rolled out to all sites. Later that summer they get on the road and visit universities in the West Country and Wales, every one of them wanted Real Wrap.

They start a small production kitchen. It was just the 2 of them, making sandwiches, delivering them, getting new business etc. but the boys knew they needed money to build. They met Raynor Foods, a family run sandwich company with 28 years of experience. In a Dragons Den style pitch they agree to invest money for a percentage stake in Real Wrap. On the back, they produce Real Wraps and sell them into the London market.

Certifying our factory to the highest possible standard!

Time to start growing the factory and team!

The products are now international!

A definite end to a happy era of the Real Wrap history, but the boys shake hands with their old pals at Raynor Foods, and go out by themselves!

Allowing us to supply all hospitals in Wales with our yummy retail and patient sandwiches!

For more information on what we are up to now, make sure to follow our social pages!

Factory Manager

Real Wrap Co. - Aaron


Favourite Product:

Breakfast Express Wrap

Aaron is our Sandwich God*. With numerous years in sandwich manufacturing, he supplies us with his expertise, because what he does’nt know about sandwiches, isn’t worth knowing. *Self Proclaimed

Technical Manager

Real Wrap Co. - Emma


Favourite Product:

Ultimate Ploughmans

AKA Chief Inspector of the Real Wrap Sandwich Police. Emma studied Food Science & Technology, and commutes everyday from Wales to head up our technical department. She already has 3 years experience in the technical side, having worked numerous food production posts/factories.

Office Manager

Real Wrap Co. - Ayesha


Favourite Product:

Cheese & Tomato Panini

Ayesha grew up between Bristol and Wales and has a long history of managing people and places, from offices, to bars (and even the army!). In her spare time, Ayesha enjoys swimming and walking, one day hoping to do a triathalon!

Operations Manager

Real Wrap Co. - Pete


Favourite Product:

All Day Breakfast

Pete is a long time friend of Jason and Phillippe. With a rich background in event catering and hospitallity, he was handed a brown envelope one evening with his job offer. Started as Sales Assistant, progressed to current position as Operations Manager.

Brand Manager

Real Wrap Co. - Chloe


Favourite Product:

SFC Express

Chloe has always had a passion for art and has a degree from Falmouth University. She applied for a sales job but the guys realised she had potential to do design. She was given a 3 month trial to prove herself… that was a year ago, she has since built our brand and is developing it daily!

Finance Manager

Real Wrap Co. - Kelly


Favourite Product:

Pesto Chicken Panini

Kelly has over 15 years experience in the industry, and is dependable, hard-working and accurate. Born and bred in Bristol, she is the married version of a crazy cat lady with a love for Las Vegas and travelling.


Real Wrap Co. - Louise


Favourite Product:

Billy No Meats

With over 9 years experience and a rich history in diverse roles all across the food industry, Louise has developed all sorts of products from concept to launch. She loves travelling and discovering global flavours to experiment with, as well as gardening and growing her own veg!

Production Supervisor

Real Wrap Co. - Robyn


Favourite Product:

Meatball Melt Express

Robyn is Phillippe’s younger sister, and has been with us since the start. She started from the bottom, now she’s here, having worked her way up to production supervisor. Dedicated to the business, Robyn moved only 5 mins away from the factory so she could be on call at any time!

Admin Apprentice

Real Wrap Co. - Jordan


Favourite Product:

Chicken & Bacon Mayo (Deep Fill!)

Jordan is our very own Apprentice, with a dream of making it in business! Grew up eating the sandwiches at school, and has proudly eaten every single flavour sandwich! Having tried out a number of different profressions, Jordan felt at home working in the heart of our office.

Admin Assistant

Real Wrap Co. - Gully


Favourite Product:

Hot Smoked Salmon & Capers

The most recent addition to the office team, Gully has a degree in Human resources, and has quickly learnt the ropes of the administration team.

Technical Assistant

Real Wrap Co. - Lade


Favourite Product:


Lade works under Emma, and also studies at Cardiff Met University. Originally from London but has moved all around the country, Lade is in charge of quality control and the running of technical procedures…

Operations Assistant

Real Wrap Co. - Archie


Favourite Product:

Ham & Cheese Mustard Toastie

Archie is orignally from Latvia, with a degree in Business. He came to us as a driver 3 years ago, but showed his potential and now works with Pete as operations assistant. You might also find him scratching away to the early hours in Bristol underground clubs.

Logistics Supervisor

Real Wrap Co. - Brian


Favourite Product:

Double Cheese & Spring Onion

Our longest serving member of staff with an army background, Brian heads up transport, ensuring it is running like a military operation. Brian walked into our first factory almost 5 years ago, sat in the storage area where he told us he wouldnt let us down, and he hasn’t to this day

Goods In Operative

Real Wrap Co. - Clare


Favourite Product:

BBQ Chicken Panini

Our Second longest serving member of staff, Clare is a proud Bristolian through and through. With a work ethic second to none, Clare is in charge of goods in and logging in all the ingredients, making sure we are stocked up daily.

Production Trainer

Real Wrap Co. - Petruta


Favourite Product:

New Yorker

Petruta is our In house trainer with a love of all things yellow! She is in charge of inducting new employees and making sure they know the ropes before hitting the production line.