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Deep Fill
Low Sat Fat
Light Mayo
High Protein
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
No Mayo


Mediterranean Falafel

Mediterranean Falafel Salad

Falafel with Apricot Tabouleh (cous-cous, apricot pieces, cucumber, tomato and mint) with Lettuce leaves  and Mango Chutney


Chicken Tikka Salad

Chicken Tikka with Curried Cous Cous, Mango, Rocket & a Yoghurt Mint Sauce

Tuna Nicoise

Tuna Salad with Potato, Olives, Egg, Tomato & French Dressing

Ham & Egg with Potato Salad

Sliced Ham, Sliced Boiled Egg, Potato Salad, Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce

Vegan Rainbow salad

Harissa Beetroot Chickpeas with Marinated Carrot, Mint Veganaise on a bed of Kale & Red Chard

Big Eat Pastas

Chicken & Bacon Big Eat Pasta

Chicken, Smoky Bacon & Sweetcorn in Mayonnaise with Pasta

Spicy Chicken Big Eat Pasta

Chicken in a Hot Chilli Tomato Sauce with Pasta

Tuna & Sweetcorn Big Eat Pasta

Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn with Pasta

Cheese & Tomato Big Eat Pasta

Herby Tomato Sauce & Cheddar Cheese with Pasta


Smoked Salmon & Prawn sushi (large)

Smoked Salmon Nigiri (x3), Prawn Nigiri (x1), California rolls (x2), Sweet Chilli Tuna Rolls (x2)

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese sushi (Medium)

Smoked Salmon Nigiri (x1), Smoked Salmon and Soft Cream Cheese Maki (x8)

Sashimi Salmon & Tuna sushi (medium)

Sashimi Salmon Nigiri (x 1), Cucumber Maki (x2), California rolls (x2)  & Sweet Chilli Tuna Rolls (x2)

Sweet Chilli Chicken sushi (medium)

Sweet Chilli Chicken rolls (x6)

Vegan Maki sushi (medium)

Ianari (Sweet Tofu) Nigiri (x1), Red Pepper Maki (x2), Cucumber Maki (x2) & Vegan Californian Rolls (x2)

Maki Snack - sushi (small)

Cucumber Maki (x2), Red Pepper Maki (x2) and Pickled Radish Maki (x2)